I am tall.  I have always been tall. Stuck in the back row, middle with all the boys during class picture day, tall.  And while my gangly frame eventually came to a halt at juuuust under six feet (5’11 3/4 to be exact), and today I both embrace and enjoy my height; finding stylish, well fitting clothing was, and continues to be, a challenge.

I am not claiming to be a “fashionista,” trying to be a stylist, or give advice on what to wear (my style is pretty simple; preppy, mixed with a trendy item or two) but I do want to share my knowledge on where to find great “tall” clothing.  Through both the frustration of not finding many in store options that fit my frame, and a new found love of online shopping (fueled by long work days that leave little time to hunt for the perfect pair of 36″ inseam jeans, and a boring conference call or two) I’ve found that a lot of great mainstream lines carry “tall” options of their styles, most often online, and unadvertised.  I’ve also come across some great new designers that understand a tall girl’s plight for the perfect fit.  This blog is a forum for me to share these finds with you – think of it as a one stop tall fashion finder with links,updates and deals to stores that cater to the long stemmed.

My Details:

Name: Tannis

Birthday: October 19th (Libra!)

Lives in: Toronto, Ontario

Occupation: Human Resources Business Partner, New Blogger (!)

Loves: Spin class, red wine, Psycholgoy Today, long pants…

Could do without: Monday mornings


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