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40″ Inseams with FRAME Denim – Get ready to hem!

“Imagine a pair of jeans that puddle on the floor that you might even need to hem!!” read the message in my inbox – and, instantly, I am jolted back into tall fashion hunter mode…

I have to admit, I have been one long stemmed slacker.  While I love my job, it’s been a bit all-consuming lately, and I have been left with little time (and brain power) to blog.

But this week, a fellow tall Torontonian sent me the above message and link to the VOGUE article A Leg Up: Karlie Kloss’s Extra-Long Jeans Collaboration with FRAME Denim and I was both intrigued and inspired (and began trying to justify buying a new pair of jeans….).

6’1 model Karlie Kloss and FRAME Denim have partnered to not only offer new jeans with extra length (40″ inseams!) but altered overall proportions to better fit a lanky frame; including a slightly raised waistband.  Two styles; the Forever Karlie Flare, and Forever Karlie Skinny hit stores in June 2013.


Forever Karlie

(P.s Thanks Steph!)


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