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J.Crew loves Canada, tall girls

While living in Washington, D.C I fell in love with J.Crew (and Michelle Obama, who also loves J.Crew – she didn’t realize it, but we could have been besties).  After coming back to Canada a little over a year ago, I was thrilled to hear that they too, had crossed the border.

I was also thrilled to see that J.Crew heart’s us tall girls!

They ship to Canada, and stores can be found in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto

J. Crew 2013

Bonus!  J.Crew is having an online sale until Feb. 18th.  Get 30% off all sale items.  I’m ordering the Tall Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel!   Use code STYLE30

school boy blazer


3 thoughts on “J.Crew loves Canada, tall girls

  1. I really like it – the arms are a great length, and it fits me properly through my torso. You have a couple inches on me, so it may depend on how long your mid section is – but def worth odering! It’s easy to send things back to them if you need to

    • Thanks for the info! You’re right….it will be easy for me to return if it doesn’t fit especially since there’s a J.Crew store where I live. Plus, if I order it and figure out my sizing, I can order the colors that go on final sale in the future:)

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